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A differently guided tour…Also an exceptionally fancy gift idea

Discover the world of the Dresden Scavenger Hunt on a completely self-guided tour of its very own kind! Let us take you on a trip and you will explore the Florence on the Elbe with all her beautiful and marvellous sights in a new, fascinating and exceptional way! The various romantic and historical important places of the Old Saxon capital are only waiting for you to be discovered. A self-guided city tour that will give you all the thrills, the relaxation and the excitement you could have hoped for, on one single day! The Dresden Scavenger Hunt – an unforgettable experience for everyone!

In the Dresden Scavenger Hunt Box „Historic city center trail“ you will find 11 sealed numbered envelopes each of it containing an adventurous riddle calling for you to solve it. Guided by clear-cut hints you will discover the beauty of Dresden. Behind every solved riddle there is one unique sight after another waiting just for you.

For instance in one of the riddles you have to find out how many entrances / exits the Dresdner Frauenkirche has. The solution always gets you a number which reveals the next envelope to open. That is what makes the Dresden Treasure Hunt so fascinating – you never know where you will have to go next. At every point of interest we will also provide you with detailed background information on the sight in question, its history, actual use and much more.

Let us take you on this very special and mysterious trip. On this differently guided tour of Dresden you decide when to start and where and for how long to stay. You can have a break from your treasure hunt anytime or even continue on another day. It is all up to you. Just enjoy yourself!

One price for the whole group – Order here

The Dresden Scavenger Hunt is ideal for just everybody who likes to discover the city of Dresden in a fascinating new way. That includes families with children as well as couples. Even by yourself you will have a lot of fun. It is also a marvellous gift to all lovers of Dresden!

Of course you can buy the Dresden Scavenger Hunt Box „Historic city center trail“ directly at our office in Dresden. By visiting us you have the possibility to take a look at the box before buying it and to take it straightaway with you. The office is situated in Dresden – at Waldschlösschenstraße 14 in 01099 Dresden. The working hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (frequently also extended opening hours). It is always recommendable to call first at +49 351 2136800 and make an appointment in case that no one of the staff is at the office. We look forward to your visit!

The stations of the historic city centre trail

The following sights of the historic city center of Dresden are all part of the Dresden Scavenger Hunt. At every sight we will give you detailed background information on the sight in question, its history, actual use, etc. At every station you will have to solve a little riddle. The solution shows you the way to the next sight on your Dresden Scavenger Hunt. The start of the historic city center trail is Theaterplatz.

Station 1: Semperoper
Station 2: Augustus Bridge
Station 3: Brühl’s Terrace
Station 4: Dresden Academy of Fine Arts
Station 5: New Synagogue
Station 6: Neumarkt
Station 7: Frauenkirche
Station 8: Palais Cosel
Station 9: Johanneum and Procession of Princess
Station 10: Dresden Castle
Station 11: Zwinger

How the Dresden Scavenger Hunt works

Stadtspiel_Dresden_Neustadt_3By buying our exciting Dresden Scavenger Hunt you will get a premium-quality cardboard box which contains everything you need to spend a beautiful day in Dresden. Here you can see an example of the box.
Stadtspiel_Dresden_Neustadt_Box geöffnet
In the box you will find 2 postcards. One of them will explain you in detail how to play the Dresden Scavenger Hunt and the other one describes you the exact way to the starting point of the historic city center trail.
Stadtspiel_Dresden_Neustadt_2Moreover you will find 11 sealed numbered envelopes in the Dresden Scavenger Hunt Box. Furthermore we added one “assistance envelope” for you in case even the most experienced treasure hunter gets lost on his way.
Every envelope contains both an “information card” with all the interesting facts you need to know about the sights at each single station as well as a “challenge card” that on one hand guides you the way and on the other hand gives you a tiny riddle to solve. The solution of the riddle tells you the number of the envelope you should open next.
Stadtspiel_Dresden_Neustadt_HilfeumschlagThe provided “assistance envelope” will lend you a hand if needed. In case you get lost you will find the correct order of all the stations in it. In addition we added a free postcard that you can send home for example telling your friends or relatives how you liked your visit to Dresden.


On every card the according playing card symbol is printed in the upper left corner. All “information cards” are marked with a small “i” and all “challenge cards” with a small “game token”. The symbols will help you to distinguish easily between “challenge and information cards”.